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Beer: The new food of the gods

 US brewing company has delayed the launching of its new “Kali-Ma” beer amid outcry from the Hindu community that its name is inappropriate.

The Portland-based company has apologized for naming the beer after a Hindu deity and is now desperately trying to come up with a new name for its release.

British pubs suffer due to high beer tax

n Britain, sales in pubs were down 6.0 percent quarter on quarter, but off-trade (off-premise for those of us in the States) sales were up 4.7 percent. Most analysts blame the Beer Tax hikes and unfortunately it looks like it could have lasting damage.

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) is asking the public to sign an online petition to stop the tax increase.

Here is the press release from the (BBPA).

How Influential Are Beer Ads?

When you’re lining up at the bar, waiting to be served, do you always go for your usual brand or are you tempted to try other beers while you’re there?

If you do like to choose a different brand now and then, what’s making you do that? The chances are that it’s the advertising behind the brand that makes you think you’ll try something different.

Barley Prices on the Rise

First it was hops and the hop shortage a few years ago. Now it seems that barley is going to conspire to raise the price of your favorite beverage - beer.

According to a study commissioned by Molson Coors, farmers in Britain are blaming a lack of rain for a poor barley crop. A full 94 percent of 259 farmers surveyed said the dry weather has impacted the barley crop. 40 percent said the dry conditions had a very profound negative affect on the crop. The Molson Coors study found that two thirds of Britain's arable farmers were affected.

England beer consumption on the decline

t seems that the economy is playing havoc abroad as well as the United States.

According to the British Beer Pub Association alcohol consumption (including beer consumption) is almost at a 10 year low and has dropped 2.4 percent since 2004. They are asking for a freeze on beer taxes due to the economy and a decline in beer consumption.

Does beer cause a beer belly

Most people think that beer causes a beer belly despite studies that show mixed conclusions. There are even studies that show beer to be a negative factor in abdominal obesity (Halkjaer et al., 2006). There is no doubt that abdominal obesity is one of the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It is important to understand the true causes and not just blame beer, or any other food without proper study.

2011 Oktoberfest Breaks Beer Drinking Record

Well the 2011 Oktoberfest is over and good weather contributed to a record-breaking attendance.

The full story from describes the event:

The balmy late summer weather was identified as the reason 6.9 million visitors, 500,000 more than last year, staggered around the cavernous beer tents in the German city.

They guzzled the 7.5 million steins, litre-sized measures of the amber nectar, despite a record high price of nine euros.

Last year, 6.4 million people drank seven million litres, the equivalent to 12.3 million pints.

Could one company control almost half the beer in the world?

When 25% of the beer market is not big enough, you need to buy your competition, specifically your number one rival, who also wants to grow. Does the world, yes world, need one company controlling almost 50% of the beer market?

It seems that ABI (Anheuser-Busch InBev) is looking to do just that buy thinking of buying SAB Miller.

An article from discusses what they know about the supposed talks.