Two Guys Most Unlikely To Drink Cocktails

Beer drinkers and cocktail drinkers sometimes are as likely to mix as oil and water. Or to put it another way, beer drinkers are from Venus and cocktail drinkers are from Mars.

And possibly the least likely group of men to try a cocktail would be the macho male type from Australia. These are the kind of characters that Foster’s has chosen to feature as stars of its latest ad campaign, in the shape of beach bums Brad and Dan. Of course, part of the charm of Fosters funny ads is that they poke gentle fun at the stereotypical Australian male – which has always been great fodder for British humour.

If you haven’t seen any of the ‘good call’ ads yet, you’ve been missing out. These little TV ads are great. In every ad, you have the two guys in their beach gear sitting in a shack drinking their cold cans of lager. They’re taking it easy, and the phone rings. On the other end of the call is a helpless Brit with a problem; Brad and Dan are there to provide a solution.

But the boys’ macho nature shines through in many of the calls. For example, when Dean on holiday in Cyprus asks if it will be ok for him to put sun screen on another man’s back, the boys are shocked: “Holy Dooley! A delicate matter, but a burnt wingman is useless.”

Although the whole concept makes them feel a bit squeamish, the boys concede it’s ok for Dean to put the cream on, as long as he sticks to some rules: “Only put cream on where he can’t reach, between his shoulder blades – the safe zone!”

They also ban him from indulging in any of the following: “Eye contact, scented candles, power ballads, and do not apply if he’s wearing budgie smugglers. Are we all clear?” Budgie smugglers – it turns out – are speedos. When Dean’s friend comes over to him as he finishes the call, he’s got a pale green pair of budgie smugglers on. Dean sends his mate to go put something else on before he’ll apply the cream!

Of course, it’s all just for fun, but the Foster’s ads are certainly making their mark on British TV. And you could never imagine finding any two guys less likely to order a cocktail!