There is a Beer for You

Beer is a marvelous beverage with a long and noble history.

They may be called many different things including, holiday beer, Christmas beer, winter warmers or spice beers. Whatever you call them, it's that time.

The Elsasser hop is a French hop variety grown on very limited acreage in the Alsace region. Alsace is on the eastern border of France and borders both Germany and Switzerland and the upper Rhine River. Elsasser hops, and cousins, Precoce de Bourgogne and Tardif de Bourgogne are considered true Strisselspalt varieties.

Drunken Chicken, Beer Can Chicken, Beer Butt Chicken: there are many names for it. But only one mandatory ingredient: beer.

Canned beer has had a bad rap in the past: considered declasse for one thing. But beer in cans does have some redeeming features - and not just the fact you can cook beer can chicken with them. Sunlight, which can damage flavor, is not able to permeate the can, so the intended taste remains. As well, canning beer prevents excess air from being trapped inside, which can also affect taste.

These instructions work with ALL the extract beer making recipes on this site. That said, I can't verify if any other recipes have taken into account the following. I would suggest either asking, if possible, or running the recipe through a beer recipe program with the amount of water you will boil with.

Many beer drinkers don't realize that beer can be made from more than grains. In fact, the first Europeans that settled in the United States were known to use pumpkins, spruce and other plants to make their beer (just think root beer). They used them not only for flavor, but as major components of the beer.

From the stupid things you do when you drink beer department.

This future Darwin award candidate hasn't figured out that when you crash your car drunk, you should probably leave the brews in the car, or at least hide them.

From the website in Maryland, this is the full story of a moron. It does make for a good news story though.

The dog days of August bring heat, mugginess, and lazy afternoons by the pool, and is the perfect time to celebrate craft beers with festivals taking place all over the U.S. and Canada.

Craft beers are becoming the new "wines", as different varieties with different palates are created, and beer and food pairings are expanding to beyond pizza and wings. The growing number of craft beer festivals reflects that change.

El hombre no puede vivir sólo de pan - y por eso él creó la cerveza!


“La cerveza convierte la sed en una cosa hermosa” dice un viejo dicho alemán, como se muestra en la página web del Instituto Alemán de Cerveza, y es difícil refutar a un país cuya historia de hacer cerveza se extiende por siglos, siendo una de las tradiciones de cerveza más viejas del mundo, con la cantidad más grande de variedades.


Las jarras de cerveza han sido consideradas por largo tiempo coleccionables por muchos entusiastas alrededor del mundo, pero sus orígenes tienen más que ver con la simple sobrevivencia que con decoración.