Brewing Beer

3 tips for brewing better Christmas beers

It is getting to be the time of year when the seasons are changing (at least for those of you not in Las Vegas where it is 95° F here today). That means it is time to think of brewing your Christmas beer. You can call it holiday beer if you like. I am using the traditional English name since people recognize that.

I have brewed many a Christmas style beer and some have been unbeleiveable and others not quite so stellar.  When I owned my homebrew store, I also tasted many beers and most had the same issues.

White House releases home brew beer recipe

After President Obama announced that he has been drinking beer made from home beer brewing kit, beer geeks have been asking for the recipe.

Jay Carney, President Obama's White House spokesperson, announced on Twitter that the secret White House beer recipe would be released if 25,000 people would sign an online petition requesting the recipe. Beer fans started to sign the petition immediately and it didn't take long for the requisite number of signatures were gathered.

The White House released the recipes for the two home brews on Saturday and here is my analysis of them.