New beer dispenser cuts costs 90%

New beer dispenser cuts costs 90%

Is this a "magic" beer dispenser?

Heineken has created a system that they claim cuts a pubs energy use by up to 90%.

The new dispensing system dubbed SmartDispense was developed by Heineken as part of their green brewing initiative.

No more lines to clean weekly

One of the big complaints besides cooling beer is having to keep lines cleaned at least weekly. With the new system Heineken claims that the average bar can save 75% of the water and chemicals as well as beer that have been traditionally used during the cleaning process.

The new system reduces the need to clean the lines from once a week to once every month. Heineken is also offering a service so there's no need for the pub or bar owner to have to clean lines anymore.

No more noisy refrigeration in the keg room

The Smart dispense system also removes the need , or drastically reduces it if you live in the desert like me, for air-conditioning. Bars usually spend a lot of money on refrigeration not only for bottles, but to keep kegs cold.

Heineken also says that their system reduces a bars average energy use by 90%. By not having to cool the keg cellar there is a of energy cost.

Of course these trials were done in northern or central Europe temperatures and it is not nearly as hot as here in  the Southwest United States but any savings would be welcome news for bar owners. Heineken is also using R290 coolers which are about 20% more efficient than the industry standard.

Heineken wants to be the world's greenest Brewer and do their part to slow down global warming. They want to have as little of effect as possible on the supply chain all the way from the farm to the bottling line. Even if you don't believe in global warming, saving money is always a great thing especially if it brings more efficiency to the business.

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