Holiday Christmas Beers

Holiday Christmas Beers

It is time for Christmas beers

The winds of change are in the air. In Las Vegas that is literally the truth for fall. Lots of wind is coming our way as the seasons change.

Many breweries will start to put out seasonal Christmas beers.

They may be called many different things including, holiday beer, Christmas beer, winter warmers or spice beers among other names. Whatever you call them, it is that time of year.

If you are a home beer brewer, then you are probably thinking of making a Christmas beer. Here is an article that has a great tips to make a better Christmas beer and also has a good recipe. It also has a good pumpkin beer recipe.

If you just want to drink a good Christmas beer, then keep in mind that many breweries try to make these beers. The truth be told though, most of them are terrible. The best Christmas beers are beers, not spice water. Make sure that the spices they use in the beer don’t tire your palate after half a glass.

I am sure you have had beers that taste awesome for the first few sips and then fade to nothing. That isn’t good beer. That is bad beer. A good beer leaves you satisfied.

With that, here are a few recommendation for Christmas style beers that you should try if you have them available or can’t brew your own.

Samuel Smiths Winter Warmer – A classic from England

Brasserie Fantôme De Noel – One of my favorite, if slightly different, Christmas beers

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Celebration Ale – A great seasonal classic from California

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale – An awesome blend of spice and Belgian brewing

Samichlaus – If you have a chance to score this Christmas classic from Austria, buy them all. This isn’t a spice beer, but only brewed one day a year for the holidays. Get it. Trust me.

Stille Nacht (Silent Night) # 4 – Another great holiday dunkel weizen and the recipe changes every year.

Please let me know what your favorite beers are at this time of the year.