French craft beers in the U.S.

It can certainly be argued the French know their stuff when it comes to wines; it seems now beer is the next frontier for them in the U.S.

In a press release issued in 2011, The French Craft Brewers said, "the association wishes to promote the know-how of the French craft breweries and to conquer new markets abroad."

Nine French craft breweries united in 2009 with 3 common goals:

1) "to make recognizable on an international stage the French long-standing "brassicole" tradition of brewing, with a strong cultural and gastronomic identity, a know-how and a respect for the traditions, and a wealth of range articulating around quality products.

2) to promote French regional beers to be exported, particularly to the United States

3) to offer new commercial outlets to our craft breweries"

With nine independent breweries belonging to this association, the group is small but powerful! 375 employees in total, representing 4.3 per cent of the French market and producing up to 820.000 hectoliters each year, their goal was to produce 10,000 hectoliters in the U.S. by the end of 2012.

Their website, states, "We are different and independent and proud of it!"

In the late 1890s, French breweries totaled 2372, and by 1945, only about a dozen breweries remained, as a result of World War I and II. "Beer is the drink of choice in France, and no number of invasions or world wars has changed that," the association's flyer states.

Currently, their regions include Brittany, Nord Pas du Calais, Alsace, Ardeche, Alps (savoy), Corsica.

“French craft brewers is much more than beers. It’s about innovation in craft beer, passion about brewing, independence among mega-corporations, curiosity, character, long tradition, hard work, adventure…and partnership!”

Look for these names wherever you purchase quality craft beer: Brasserie Duyck, Brasserie Saint Germain, Brasserie Saint Sylvestre, Brasserie Mont Blanc, Brasserie Bourganel, Brasserie de Bretagne, Brasserie Pietra, Brasserie Castelain, Brasserie Meteor