Beer Education

A short history of beer in Germany

Man cannot live by bread alone - so that's why he created beer!

"Beer turns thirst into a beautiful thing," goes an old German saying, as shown by the German Beer Institute's website, and it is hard to dispute a country whose beer making history spans centuries, being one of the oldest beer traditions in the world, with the largest number of varieties.

Using Spent Brewing Grains for Cooking - Part 1

By Jon Griffin

One of the questions I am asked most often is, "What can I do with my spent grains?" Well, depending where you live, the answer can be anything from, not much, to, many different things. This article will focus on using your spent brewing grain for cooking, specifically making cookies and bread. Almost everyone can utilize this technique and if you don't bake (and you really should), you probably know someone who does.

History of beer redux

The history of beer is long and storied, and no one can say with certainty how it came to be. Most historians think that beer came about as an accident, and I agree with this. Unlike mead, or even wine, making beer is not really a straight forward process. It makes sense that it just “sorta happened.”

4 reasons chick beer isn't for chicks

One of the things that I often find in my classes is that certain beers have different audiences. OK, I will say it; some beers seem to be enjoyed by the women in the class than the men. It also works the other way.

Here are 4 reasons that chick beer isn't just for chicks!

1. Good beer is good beer.

One of the things that bugs me is the beer snobs (you know who you are), telling me that a beer is crap just because it doesn't follow their idea of "good beer."

Skol: International World Traveler

How did the fifth bestselling beer in the world come to be the number one best-seller in Brazil? Skol, the "drink that goes down round" according to its advertising jingle, is also one of the biggest beers in Africa, from Algeria to Guinea to Rwanda, and is also sold in Asia, from India to Malaysia to Hong Kong.

However, it's a little known fact among Brazilians that it originated 6,000 miles away 50 years ago in a small Scottish town called Alloa.