Christmas ale

Christmas ales are a tradition in many parts of Europe and this Christmas ale is based on an English bitter. It is a fairly easy homebrew recipe, although it does take a little bit of experience. It is a spicy, fruity moderate strength English Style Christmas Ale.

Export Helles – Munich Helles

Munich helles is a beer defined by a clean, malty profile. There are hints of floral noble hops, but they are definitely not bitter.

This homebrew beer recipe is advanced since it is all-grain, but for those of you looking for an advanced, and very tasty homebrew, this might be a good beer recipe for you.

This recipe features a double infusion mash to get a more authentic German flavor profile without the equipment needed for a full decoction mash. It is Reinheitsgebot compliant. Only barley, yeast, water and hops in this one.

Mackeson’s XXX Clone

This is a clone of Mackeson’s XXX. Mackeson’s XXX is a very dark, sweet, full-bodied, slightly roasty ale. Some say it tastes like sweetened espresso.

This homebrew recipe is a perfect session beer since it is low in alcohol, and unlike other stouts, this homebrew is balanced by a nice sweetness.


Please note the final gravity appears higher than normal due to the lactose addition which is not fermentable sugar. It could be closer to 1.020

Make sure you follow the extract instruction sheet or you will not get the hop bitterness you need.

Scottish Light 60 Ale

This is a homebrew beer I brewed one summer for a friend who loved Scottish beers. It has a slight peaty aroma and flavor, but is definitely balanced to the malt.

This isn’t really a clone, but you could compare it to similar Scottish beers like Belhaven 60 or McEwans 60. These are Scottish session beers and only available in Scotland, so if you get a Scottish ale outside of Scotland, it is probably a higher alcohol version, like maybe an 80.


Make sure you follow the extract instruction sheet or you will not get the hop bitterness you need.