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I've read conflicting stories of what this beer is. Is it a bock? No. Is it a big California Common? No. I think it really is just an experimental beer and will judge it as that.

German Dunkel

From the website:

A traditional Bavarian dark lager, brewed exclusively with dark and roasted malts, without the use of dark beer syrup and light malt. Very light on the palate with a hint of cognac and smoke.


This beer is different every year. This review is for the 2018 version (#4)

German Hefeweizen

From the website (translated poorly  :)

The special mixture of dark and light wheat and barley malt in combination with fine aroma hops characterize a distinctive aroma. In the Antrunk note the power of this malt mixture and a wonderful balance of bread and yeasty notes of their own pure yeast culture. The fermentation in the bottle is responsible for the softness of this beer. Only at the finish, the full body is replaced by a mild bitterness in the interplay with fruity notes and initiates a long finale.