Beer swag lovers unite

Sponsored by Craft  www.craftbrewedclothing.com, approved by the Beer Guy!

It’s a phenomenon that people who love craft brewed beer also love craft beer swag.  As a craft beer lover, when you travel and try tasty new brews, you are probably tempted to buy the shirt, the pint, the sticker and the hat with the brewery’s logo on it.

The reason is three-fold:

  1. You want everyone to know you’re a craft beer person
  2. You want everyone to know you enjoyed the delicious elixir from the fine establishment whose logo is emblazoned across your chest
  3. You want to support said brewery by purchasing their shirt

Craft Brewed Clothing has made it so much easier to increase your collection of T- shirts from craft breweries. By joining the Craft Brewery T-shirt of the Month Club, you can support craft breweries from around the country while not leaving the comfort of your favorite barstool.

It’s almost like a match made in heaven: people who brew beer get to brew it without thought to merchandise sales, and people who love to drink beer and wear clothes get to keep doing both of those things. And, the folks wearing those cool T-shirts are creating a level of awareness for their fellow craft beer lovers: there are more amazing breweries out there waiting for you to support them.

The Craft Brewery T-shirt of the Month Club is available with one, three, six and twelve month memberships, starting at $19.95. And, while the T-shirt connoisseur can bask in the sweet new threads that arrive at his door each month (along with an info card about the brewery and other fun tchotchkes) the brewers get a check with their share of the sales. It’s micro-economic development that can really add up.

It’s a win/win: support craft brewers nationwide and support your T-shirt habit (it’s better than some of the others you have).