A kooler that even works on a plastic cup

I just got word of an interesting product that fills a need for all you beer drinkers. I am sure you have used a Koozie or can cooler. Usually they are made out of Styrofoam or wet suit type neoprene. There has always been one problem, they don’t work on Solo cups.

You have probably been to a beer festival or even a party and didn’t bring your own glass (why would you). They start pouring beer and it is in a soft plastic cup. Now you have a problem; how do you keep the beer cold? Well there is now a solution.

Finally!  Koolers that fit pint glasses AND Solo cups

Have you ever tried stretching a can Koozie to fit onto a SOLO cup?  If you haven’t, don’t try it! The outcome isn’t so pretty for the cup, or the Koozie.

I find it ironic that we regularly use Koozies to keep our canned and bottled beer chilled, but have never had an insulated beverage holder to keep tapped beer chilled. Think about it … tapped beer is served in a pint glass, solo cup or stadium cup. All of which, a standard Koozie does not fit onto.

Our neglect for tapped beer ends now! PartyCupKooler.com is the first company to sell a Kooler that is designed to specifically fit a tapered cup such as a pint glass, solo or stadium cup. Their Koolers are made out of the same material as wetsuits (neoprene) so you know your beer is getting top-notch insulation.

With over a dozen designs to choose from ($3.99 – $5.99), you are sure to find one that fits your personality at www.PartyCupKooler.com . Right now, you can save $5 on orders of $35 or more. Ask The Beer Guy readers get an additional 10% OFF their order by using ASKGUY10 during checkout. Cheers to that!


Here are some examples of these awesome beer koolers: