New beer dispenser cuts costs 90%

Is this a “magic” beer dispenser?

Heineken has created a system that they claim cuts a pubs energy use by up to 90%.

The new dispensing system dubbed SmartDispense was developed by Heineken as part of their green brewing initiative. [Continue reading…]

Bourbon Barrel Stout at The Freakin’ Frog

Brand new from local brewery Joseph James, comes their bourbon barrel finished version of the Red Fox russian imperial stout. Coming in at 9.5% abv this rich creamy imperial stout has all of the chocolate, coffee, and vanilla notes that you want in an imperial stout. But just for the added kick the beer has been laid down in Bourbon barrels to just give it that little extra UMPH!! to make it just spectacular. [Continue reading…]

Budweiser Clydesdales horses in Las Vegas for 3 days only


If you are in Las Vegas for vacation, business, or are a local, the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses are going to be in town for three days. This is a family friendly event so make sure you bring your kids. Also, The South Point Casino Arena event will feature beer, a show, and photo opps. […]

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Wine Tasting at UNLV


On Tuesday, February 25th, our guest host will be Bill Whiting, director of Wine and Education for Banfi, who is also the nephew of the founder John Mariani Sr. Castello Banfi is a family owned winery located in Tuscany, Italy.

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History of beer redux


The history of beer is long and storied, and no one can say with certainty how it came to be. Most historians think that beer came about as an accident, and I agree with this. Unlike mead, or even wine, making beer is not really a straight forward process. It makes sense that it just “sorta happened.”

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Food and beer pairing at UNLV

Yet another great event sponsored by Nevada Beverage Company in cooperation with the UNLV Beverage Management Club & Epicurian Club. This food and beer pairing will take place November 21, 2013 at 7:00 pm, with the presentation and food pairing starting at 7:30 pm sharp. You will enjoy a five course meal paired with six […]

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Goose Island Honkers Ale review

Goose Island Honkers Ale review Since Goose Island is a fairly new beer in Las Vegas, I figured I would do a review of the beers in the sampler pack I bought at the grocery store. This is what many would call a session beer, and according to the Goose Island website, was inspired by […]

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Sake Tasting at UNLV

There will be a sake tasting on Wed. October 16 at 7PM. This event will feature a formal sake tasting at 7:30 with Eric Swanson, Director of Sake for at Wirtz Beverage and Jeffrey Kim, Manager of Shibuya Restaurant. Food will be provided by the Epicurean club. This promises to be a great event, so don’t […]

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Rock ‘n Brew 5 event supports UNLV Beverage Club

If you happen to be in the Las Vegas area on October the 18th of 2013, that’s a Friday, there’s a great event happening that’s called the Rockstar Beer Festival which is also known as Rock and Brews Number Five which is for the UNLV Beverage Club but it’s also for beer lovers allover. This […]

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Special one of a kind Danish beer cask event

Join the folks at the Freakin’ Frog on Sunday, September 15th from 7pm until this Danish Cask has no more. One of A Kind Beer Tasting This is a one of a kind beer that is so complex several beer styles wish to claim it: Some say it is a Double Brown Stout, others declare it an Imperial Porter, a […]

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